He Shed, She Shed... My Shed.

He Shed, She Shed... My Shed.

He Shed, She Shed... My Shed.

You're not typical, and a Keter Shed isn't either. When deciding on additional storage or space, forget about purging a room or building an addition - go for a Keter multi-use shed. Its weather resistant, stylish design offers versatile solutions to storage and space needs.

Keep to the traditional use for storage, or think outside the box, and create a private outdoor space to read or lounge area to hang out with friends. Your vision becomes your reality with an adaptable Keter Shed.

If relaxing is your goal, the Artisan 9 x 7 Shed offers a modern design, with ample space. The innovative DUOTECHTM design provides a real wood texture with the durability and weather resistance of resin. This makes the shed paintable and drillable, allowing you to customize the colors of the interior and exterior to match your style and hang shelving for added storage and decoration. Most importantly, the Artisan shed features plenty of windows so you can soak up all the natural light you need while going for items inside the shed.

Or, if your plans include an outdoor retreat, the classic style of the Oakland Shed will satisfy your yen. Fully paintable and drillable, the customizations are endless with the Oakland. For added convenience and style, the Oakland features cross windows on all sides and flower beds under the front windows to bring some extra color and life to your space.

Next, theme your space to what you’ll be doing most in it. If you’ll be using the area to watch the game make it a Sports Fan theme. Hang team jerseys on the wall, install a shelf to showcase trophies and awards, add a mini fridge so your favourite beverage is near by, and add comfortable seating. For extra storage add in the XL Pro Cabinet Series, they can even double as a TV stand.

Are you an artist and crafter? Consider turning it into an authentic Artist’s Loft. Hang art that inspires you on the walls, add shelving or cupboards to store all your supplies such as the Rattan Utility Cabinet, bring in a drawing desk and consider painting the interior an airy white to give it a true loft vibe. To make the space even more home-like decorate with a few Cozy Planters and a Cozy Seat in the colour of your choice!

Finally, and most fun step is to add your personal flair!