Parents: Here’s How You Can Enjoy A Stress-Free Summer

Parents: Here’s How You Can Enjoy A Stress-Free Summer

Parents: Here’s How You Can Enjoy A Stress-Free Summer

Summer break is fun for kids but can be exhausting for parentsת who spend hours planning outings and activities to keep the little ones busy. So, if you’re worrying about getting through this summer holiday in one piece, here are a few tips that will help you enjoy yourself and have a stress-free summer.

Don’t Throw All the Rules Out the Window

Even though the kids are on holiday it does not mean that all your rules take time off as well. Sure, it’s only fair to be more flexible but kids (and parents, of course) are much happier when they have some kind of structure. So, at the start of summer have a family meeting and let everyone know what are the regular meal times, screen times (you don’t want them to waste their entire summer staring at a computer, tablet, TV or phone screen), clean up times and so on.

You Deserve A Break, Too

Once a day, make time for yourself to unwind. Spend an hour reading a book in your favorite armchair on the patio, go for a nap or take a long, relaxing bath – whatever helps you release tension and leaves you feeling refreshed.  

Swap Childcare with Other Parents

This is a great way for parents to enjoy a few hours together getting pampered, going on a date, or spending some quiet time at home. All you need is other parents whose kids are friends with your kids. Then, offer to trade babysitting with each other – they will have your kids over for a few hours and you will have theirs the following week. This way, the kids get a playdate and you get a few free hours to do… well, whatever you want!