Start the New Year by Tackling an Outdoor Storage Project

Start the New Year by Tackling an Outdoor Storage Project

Start the New Year by Tackling an Outdoor Storage Project

It’s funny that no matter how big your home is, we always somehow need more storage space. 
Whether you live in a city apartment with a small balcony, a condo with a patio or deck, or you have a full-blown backyard, we have a storage solution for you!


Living in an urban apartment can feel cramped, especially if you have too much stuff and not enough adequate storage! That’s why the Circa Rattan Storage side table is the perfect solution for storing items on your balcony. This clever solution is a side table that also provides 140 L/37 G of storage and can also be used as a seat by one adult. It’s constructed out of durable, all-weather resin with a chic rattan-style texture and has built-in handles for easy movement.


For those of you with a slightly larger outdoor space, such as a patio or deck, a larger storage box that fits your décor is a great solution. The Glenwood Deck Box is super durable, stylish and provides seating for two adults. It’s constructed out of durable, weather-resistant resin that features a chic wood-paneled appearance and houses 390 L/101G in storage capacity. Even better, it comes with a convenient automatic opening mechanism that makes having your hands full a non-issue!


If you have the space for it, thae best solution for backyard storage space is a garden shed. Garden sheds are a lovely addition to your backyard and make for the perfect place to store bulky outdoor items such as gardening tools. The Manor garden shed is a durable storage shed with double-wall construction that is fully weather-resistant. It also features double doors for easy access, floor panel, built-in ventilation for safety, two fixed windows for natural light, and has a locking system to provide added security for your items.